2 Car Garage Dimension Planning Design

The garage requires careful planning with certain considerations. The goal, of course, to obtain the appropriate garage so that it can accommodate its main function to protect the vehicle, get the right shape in accordance with the desired, and produce a beautiful display to support the look of the house. Here are forms of 2 car garage dimension that we can apply in our home design.

2 car garage dimension learning car (5x5m), if you have 2 cars, it is advisable to have a garage like the picture above, because the position of the car lined up allows us to park it without having to move or shift other cars. In addition, with models like this we have 2 more car space that can be stored in the carport. However, this model requires a slightly more house width, because it seizes at least 5 meters alone while the length is the same as the garage of one car. Garage 2 parallel cars (3x10m), arranging a car on such a garage model above is not recommended. Garage models like this somewhat complicate us in terms of flexibility to park it. We can imagine, if the rear car will be issued, then have to remove the front car first. In addition, if we compared to garages that are lined up, this model garage can only store 1 additional car in the carport. But what power, is the garage model is intended for occupancy that has a width of the house is relatively not wide.

2 car garage dimensions in carport (6x5m), no garage, and carportwere so. Do not worry if you do not have land for the garage. Because we can still save our car at home or we call home carport. For two cars try the width is 6 meters instead of 5 meters because the carport is also used to maneuver. If 5 meters is too risky and potentially will “nudge” the car next to it.

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