Board and Batten Siding Interior Application

Most stakeholders are well aware that such decorative materials as board and batten siding are widely used for cladding facades of buildings. However, not all of them are aware of the fact that this layer can also be used for interior applications (for example – to close the ceiling). This is what which justifies our desire to tell you how to make the ceiling siding with their hands. Just note that the decorative attractiveness of this material allows us to complete the change appearance of the repaired area and achieve good results when completed. The advantage of the siding layer due to the increase of moisture resistant layer resistance can be installed in areas with high humidity, E. In circumstances where other decorative materials cannot be used in principle and with layers managed to hide all irregularities from the ceiling up to a few centimeters.

Finishing materials from this class vary considerably well performance and long life. For board and batten siding interior decoration, as a rule, uses vinyl siding, which it is considered to the most suitable material for this purpose, similar to the widely used texture in building cladding boards. Construction of the maximum siding limit involves the purchase of the right empty building, as well as the preparation of simple working tools used for their installation. The list of materials needed is the basic work material – so blank siding and starter profiles in the amount depending on the size of the finished surface. Set the wooden bar used for the preparation of the batten and screw, pen, nail.

After purchasing all the necessary building board and batten siding materials you will need to worry about the next set of working tools, i.e. hammers (strong hammer drill), wood saws, hammers, pliers, level and meter builders. Stationery knives and scissors on metal. After all materials and tools are ready, you can safely start the ceiling installation of the siding.

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