Front Home Garden Ideas Concept

Front garden is the garden which is placed in front of the house or attach in both side of house terrace. Front garden is the first thing people look at our house, so it is very important to arrange and beautify it very well. People often said that front garden reflects the characteristic of the home owner. In front Home Garden Ideas,  there are several concepts you could apply. First is Sahara concept. As its named, this concept based on the desert condition. Even so, it does not mean that you should place many sands in your garden, instead, you could use easy plants which is often founded in desert like cactus. Planting cactus might ease you in preserving it, as cactus does not need much water. Besides cactus, you could also add other desert plants.

This concept often applied for most garden. It is because rather than use one basic color for garden, it is better to decorate garden with full color. In this Home Garden Ideas, the concept could be using colorful flower within the garden, or use only plants with green color but decorate the garden with colorful decorations. For the first concept, using flower like rose, lily, coreopsis mango punch, characias, daisy, heuchera, Jerusalem sage, and other flowers. Planting these flowers will make your garden look colorful especially during Spring. This concept will reflect that the house owner is romantic and cheerful. Colorfur garden could bring up your mood and make you more cheerful during a day by looking at those colorful flowers.

The second concept is using one colored plants, which is commonly green, with additional colorful decoration. How if you want to combine colorful flower and colorful garden decoration? You should take not that in best Home Garden Ideas, you should make your garden not look too crowded. Too much color in both flower and decoration will make your garden look worse. You should balance and adjust the color of your garden plants and also the color of decorations like rocks color which is used around the plants, garden fence color, table set color, fountain color, and also statue color if it existed.

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