Home Garden and Fashion Combination

Garden is decorative part in the house. As decorative part, it plants and decoration should be arranged in perfect which could resemble the characteristic of the house owner. There are various designs and concepts of home garden decorations, which could be adjusted to your garden. One of the concept is Home Garden and Fashion Combination, which this concept shown the stylish look of the garden, rather than ordinary, classic, or vintage concept. Here are the tips for fashionable home garden concept.

  • Choose your own concept and adjust it with the size

In order to combine both Home Garden and Fashion, first thing you should do is measuring the garden. After measuring garden, you could decide on the perfect concept for it to fit. In example, after measuring garden, you found out that the size is a bit small, but you want to apply Japanese concept. You could still apply it, without using table set in it. You could install bamboo water faucet, which has Asian look. If you want to add a swing, you could install mini wooden swing in the corner of the garden. You could use plants racks or wall plants in order to save spaces.

  • Filling garden with decorations based on the concept

To make good combination of Home Garden and Fashion, you should identify the perfect decorations for each concept. It is like Indian style garden commonly used fountain in the middle of the garden, while Japanese style garden had mini bamboo plants in the garden. Every concept have different characteristic, so that it is important to adjust the decorations based on the concept. For people who does not want to play by the rule, combining many concepts might not be matter. Even so, you should look at the whole look of your garden after the decorations. Because sometimes using many decorations and material without calculating it might make garden look full, unarranged, and untidy.

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