Home Garden Tips for Vegetable Garden

Garden is not only functioned for planting flower and decorative plants. Some people often used garden for planting vegetable, herbs and even medicinal plants. Planting vegetable and medicinal plants will give benefit when it has ripen and ready to harvest. House owner could use vegetable for making soup and other cooking recipes, while medicinal plants could used for making herbal wine, or traditional medicine. If there are excess vegetable or herbs, house owner can sell it and obtain more benefit from it. If you are attracted to plant vegetable and herbs in your garden, there are Home Garden Tips that you need to watch.

  1. Measure the garden size

Measuring the garden size is very important in Home Garden Tips. It is because without measuring, it might ruin your garden, and in some case, even if you have large garden, it could be looked narrow because the worst arrangement. After measuring garden, you could then make limit and space between one species to other. It is very important in order to make it easily to harvest and look neater. If you have small space garden, you could use plants rack in order to grow many vegetable and plants. You could also apply hydroponic concept, in order to maximize the function of your garden, based on its small size.

  1. Divide the plant based on the species

Another Home Garden Tips for vegetable garden is differentiate between one plant and another. It is like if you plant one side of your garden with tomato, then use one or more lines to plant tomato. You could also make it different line by line, as long as it is not mixed up in one line with many plants. It is not good as in some case, it could affect to bad growing of some certain plants. Dividing the plant based on the species will ease you to harvest one species in same time, and make your plant look neater.

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