Mid Century Modern Homes Architecture

Mid Century Modern Homes Architecture is a style and design of house which is refer to era during 1945 until 1980s, and is combined with the modern architecture. The design is intended to create classic and traditional looks, but still featured with modern appliances. In most of appliances, the concept used wooden combination with many glasses to connect to terrace area. In some design, home owner tend to use classic or antique furniture, but then combined with modern material. Some people might think that the concept won’t fit each other. On the contrary, if you choose the right material for your home appliances with this concept, you can create perfect home with the concept.

An example for Mid Century Modern Homes Architecture is the floor using wood material with natural wood color. Then, for the wall side, it painted with clean plain color like white and soft grey. The two colors chosen because it resemble of modernity rather than other colorful paint. The using of wallpaper is not applied in this concept, as wallpaper often resemble classic concept, especially with the floral and ornamental wallpaper pattern. Subsequently, the house is not using much separation, especially for the main room like between living room and family room. It is left with the space without separation to show the concept in particularly.

Continuously, Mid Century Modern Homes Architecture combines wooden and modern material. Wooden cabinet is used to show the classic and antique touch, but then on the cabinet it is placed modern accessories like vases and modern side lamp. It is then combined with the modern ceiling lamp. The main thing in this concept is particularly paying attention to the furniture chosen. You should choose the best material and color for the concept, and make sure that each furniture doesn’t look too much stand out from each other. It should be complete each other and balance the combination.

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