Satin Nickel vs Brushed Nickel on Kitchen Cabinet Knob

When you search for kitchen cabinet, first thing to consider is in choosing knobs, which is strong enough and have the good design. Mostly, there are 3 main material used for knob which basically made of nickel. In differentiate, those three are brushed nickel satin nickel, and polished nickel. Most people are wondering what is the different in each of the material, then here we would like to discuss about satin nickel vs brushed nickel.

In the satin nickel vs brushed nickel, in fact the satin nickel isn’t perfectly metal. In the kitchen cabinet knobs, this material only used of the layering the outer part, which the main material is brass. Since satin isn’t 100% metal, so that it would be impossible to use all of it as the whole knob. Therefore the brass used as the solid basic, which then is layered with satin nickel. Satin nickel is chosen because it gave the shiny effect to the cabinet knob. Therefore, satin nickel is also used in most of other kitchen appliances. Then the brushed nickel is like its name, it is brushed on its surface, usually using wire or ordinary brush. If you compare in between brushed nickel vs stainless steel, both of the material are looks similar.

In fact, in stainless steel vs brushed nickel, stainless steel is a metal, while the brushed nickel is only used for the coating of the metal. Then, if we come back to the satin nickel vs brushed nickel, both of material are used for giving the sparkling effect, but the difference is in the surface, which satin is sleeker, then brushed nickel rather having not smooth surface. That surface matter are made in order to give the customer more choice in choosing the cabinet knob. Some of the brushed nickel knob more have artistic looks with the brushed parts, while the satin layered looks very clean and modern.

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