Small Home Garden Design Ideas

Having small sized garden does not mean that it will limit your creativity to arrange your garden. Hanging garden would be perfect Home Garden Design Idea. First thing to do is measure your garden large. You could adjust the plants you want to had with the size of your garden. There are several plants which will be suitable for hanging garden like water hyssop, silver bells, fuchsia (perennial), impatiens (annual), lobelia, sweet alyssum, and so on. You could also use fruit plant like grape, so that when it is ripe, you could obtain its fruit to consume by the whole family.

Hanging garden commonly using iron pole and iron ceiling, in order to arrange the vines. Vines are the most common used plant for this hanging garden. In Home Garden Design Idea, you could also combine some garden table set or mini fountain, to make garden look more gorgeous and not plain. In some concept, hanging garden often used wall background with the basic brick color. If this concept you want to apply to your back garden, analyze it condition first. In some case, back garden often damp and mossy. This mossy effect you could combine with the concept of your garden. Even so, damp condition could break garden table set which is made of wooden. In order to protect your garden table set, using iron based material is preferable.

  •  Flower Pots Rack

Small garden will force you to plant some plant only, not as much as you can. Even so, by using flower pots rack will help in arranging plants and make it look tidier. This Home Garden Design Idea is often applied beside hanging garden design. By using flower pots rack, you could plant several plants in order and will ease you in watering it, as all of your plants are placed in one place. Plants which is often used in flower pots rack are cactus, bonsai, flower plants which has small size. Using big sized plants could add possibility to break the rack and the size might not fit with the rack size.

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