Trick to Arranging Small U Shaped Kitchen

It is widely known that kitchen with U shape is hardly to arrange, especially to consider the size matter. You need to spare large space to arrange the kitchen with U shape. However, with such creativity, actually you can still apply small u shaped kitchen to your space. However, there are some matter you need to consider, before even arranging the u shaped kitchen floor plan. Firstly, try to measure all the kitchen size, in width and depth. The ordinary kitchen cabinet depth is 25 inches, then try to decrease all the kitchen space with 25 inches in the U shape. You can draw the result of your measurement on the kitchen floor in order to get the 2D picture of it.

Then you can see the result, whether the cabinet of the small u shaped kitchen is suitable to apply on your space or not. Make sure to leave some space for moving around. If you think everything has settled and there are no problem involved, then you can choose the cabinet size which will fit to the concept. Indeed, it is quite tricky to make u shaped kitchen plan, since you need to pay attention well to the detail without missing simple measurement.

Lastly, to decorate your small u shaped kitchen, you can choose certain color to fit to the concept of your kitchen. There are some color which will make your kitchen looks larger, like white and black. These two counter color have the similarities which able to make the small room looks larger. White color can give clean and neat impression, while black can give modern and elegant look. You can also still apply natural wood color in case you prefer back-to-nature concept, but make sure that all material are very safe, since the U kitchen shape for small room hardly get good ventilation. Therefore, mind also about the air circulation in the kitchen well.

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