Victoria Style House: A Mid Century Modern Homes

Before getting to know the architecture of Victoria era then you should know that Victoria era is the time when Queen Victoria ruled the United Kingdom. The Victoria’s own architecture began in 1837 until 1901. It was the beginning of the construction of railroads as part of transportation as well as a new manufacturing process where a variety of construction materials were so easy and available throughout the country.Mid century modern homes architecture is a style and design of house which is refer to era during 1945 until 1980s, and is combined with the modern architecture. The design is intended to create classic and traditional looks, but still featured with modern appliances. In most of appliances, the concept used wooden combination with many glasses to connect to terrace area.

At that time the mass-produced bricks became an option because the price became cheaper and certainly did not require difficult maintenance. For the first time throughout the UK began to build mansions, chapels, cottages, and factories using the same building materials.Although the availability of new building materials is quite abundant but unfortunately there are still many working class groups in almost all regions still living in inadequate small houses until the 20th century.Another example for mid century modern homes architecture is the floor using wood material with natural wood color. Then, for the wall side, it painted with clean plain color like white and soft grey. The two colors chosen because it resemble of modernity rather than other colorful paint.

Constantly, mid century modern homes engineering consolidates wooden and modern material. Wooden bureau is utilized to demonstrate the work of art and old fashioned touch, however then on the bureau it is set modern frill like vases and modern side light. It is then joined with the modern roof light. The primary concern in this idea is especially focusing on the furniture picked. You ought to pick the best material and shading for the idea, and ensure that every furniture doesn’t watch excessively emerge from each other. It ought to be finished each other and adjust the blend.

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