What is Coverlet for Bed

Many people might think that bed only consist of pillow and blanket. However, bed is not that simple, as it have other terms which used for each material. Those are like duvet cover, coverlet, bedskirt, bolster, euroshams, and pillowcase. Euroshams is similar to pillow but have bigger size. It often used as the head support when person want to read book or playing with their laptop on the bed. It is also used to support the back to make person sit comfortable without back pain. Duvet cover is similar to blanket with thick size filled with cotton. It is used to warm the body of person who slept on it. Then, What is Coverletfor bed? What is the different between coverlet ad duvet cover?

What is Coverlet for bed? It is might be similar with duvet cover, but different in size. The material made for both are also same, it is cotton. Duvet cover is thicker than coverlet. Then, the cotton used for duvet cover is the lightest than for coverlet. However, both of materials used for blanket and covering body to make body feel warm during the cold night. In fact, coverlet is not supposed to use for covering body, but on the contrary placed under the body. Then when we lie on the bed, we lie on coverlet to make our body warm, then we cover our body with duvet cover. Coverlet mostly used during winter to protect body from cold and make it warm. It is also rarely used in tropical house.

That What is Coverlet for bed. After knowing it, you can differ one material used on bed with another. It might similar one to another, but completely have different function and aim. Coverlet can also be used for lying on the floor during winter in change of mat. Simply saying, coverlet used for under layering of the bed to make it warmer, especially during winter. In the summer, coverlet is rarely to be used as it make the bed hotter.

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